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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct


Discipline is a key to efficient running of any educational institute such as our Madrassah at the Liverpool Mosque and Islamic Institute.  We appreciate parents’ help in adhering to the following guidelines:


Please park your car considerately without causing any obstruction to the traffic flow, no matter how short your perceived visit be.  Please bring your child to the madrassah and pick them up from inside the premises rather than waiting outside and beeping horn.  Please be punctual for both arrival and collection to minimise any disruption to the classes.  Madrassah starts at 5pm sharp and concludes at 7pm.  No child can stay on its own and the latest time for collection is 7.10 (in extreme emergency only).  Please contact Ustadha on her mobile if you face an unavoidable delay.


Please send your child dressed appropriately.


Attendance register is active and any late arrival and absences will be recorded.  In case of illness, please either send in a sick note or let Ustadha know by sending a text message.  If your child fails to attend without any information, then a “note of caution” will be sent to you after 3 absences.  Ten consecutive absences will result in your child being struck off the register.  This action is necessary to find places for other children who are on the waiting list.



You are actively encouraged to set up monthly direct debit for your child’s/ children’s fees.  If you prefer to pay by cash, then please hand in monthly fee in the first class of the month.  Please send the fee in an envelope clearly marked by your child’s/ children’s name and the amount carried inside.


Jazakallah khairan for your cooperation. 


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